Why to necessary to nourish your mind and spirit?


We know that whatever we care for and nourish blossoms, but what we forget about diminishes.
It is always a later stage in life that we realize that we are doing something wrong. Until then we live a very carefree life and not caring about anything. We just simply go on with our lives. Busy with our Professional life, occupied by our household work getting very little time for ourselves.

We don't think it is important to give time to ourselves. And with the busy lifestyles, we tend to believe that nourishing our mind and soul is not going to be any help. But we have often wondered what can help us fill the holes that the stressful life gives us. By the word nourishment, one might thing food for the body. But as the body our mind and soul also needs nourishment. Just the way we feed our body we also have to feed our mind and soul. When we nourish our body and release toxic waste out daily, shouldn't we do the same to our mind?

We don't give that much importance to our minds maybe because it's not something we can see, but in the later years in life, we can start to feel it. And this is the reason that we should start to care for our minds from now on.
Here are some pointers for you if you want to nourish your mind and soul:

Stop destroying yourself from within.

The thoughts that we have and the emotions that we go through the day are most responsible for ruining us from inside. During the day we go through all kinds of thoughts and emotions like compassion, guilt, anger, hate, jealousy and basically not having what we want. And as a result of all this, we are constantly straining our mind.
And when you stop slandering your mind, from there the nourishment starts. Just like we have bad and good food for our bodies the same way we have bad and good things for our mind. The gloomy thoughts that we have are not good for the brain and they hurt its health.

What is the nourishment for our mind and soul?

We have been talking about nourishing our minds, and you might be thinking about what you should nourish your mind with. People, the news, environment are all responsible for having some kind of effect on our mind. It reaches our subconscious mind and shakes us from within. And you are the one who should decide what should and what should not reach your mind because if we end up letting all the things inside we are going to end up with a lot on our plate and that's where the degrading starts again.

For nourishment, we should think of positive and elevating thoughts. we should read motivational books. and watch Ted Talks. We should try not to be glued to our phones all the time, as social media is also a cause for the self-hate because we feel jealous when we see our friends having fun in life and we are stuck at work we automatically start hating ourselves.

Write down your thoughts-

You should try to write down each and everything that goes through your mind during the day. They can be positive thoughts, negative thoughts or even life lessons. And then you should think about all of that. And try to eliminate all the glum things.

Try Being Self Aware-

When you're self-aware it's really great for your mind and soul.
You'll be mindful when you practice awareness. You should always be careful of what you think and say because all of that is eventually responsible for the energy that you attract.

Work on your Personal life -

We get so much involved in our professional life that we don't get time for personal time. There should be a perfect balance between your personal and professional life. The lesser time we give our personal life the more our mind suffers. Personal mind is the relaxing time that we during the whole day.

These points are sufficient for you to keep your mind healthy. But if you are a person who is looking for professional help we would recommend you, Mr. Manoj Jain. Apart from being a Vastu expert, he is one of the best Life Coaches in India.

Written Date

04 Nov, 2019