Why Self Assessment is Important


Before making a decision about something we have to think about a lot of things like what will be the consequences and what after-effects the decision might have. This is the most basic form of Analysis.
You might have heard this term in business when people do risk analysis.
Our mind keeps on analyzing stuff may it be for a small or a huge decision. And it's one of the built-in defense mechanisms that we humans have.

The most common form of analysis is SWOT analysis. Business leaders use it for their personal assessment. In SWOT analysis S stands for Strenght, W for Weakness, O for Opportunities and T for Threats.
An analysis is basically an assessment that a person does for himself/herself or any other thing.
As we have discussed this before SWOT analysis is something that applies to us too. As a Life Coach, Mr. Manoj Jain suggests people use this analysis on themselves so that they can know where they stand in life. This analysis process sounds complicated but it's really not.

Mr. Manoj Jain works with people so that he can help them build confidence. He also provides them with career counseling and advice to job aspirants and even professionals. People often see a dramatic change in themselves when they complete this self-analysis on themselves. most people feel at peace and confident after going through the analysis.

Everyone wants to see a positive change in themselves as they want to enhance their confidence so that they can conquer life not just love through it and its problems. There can be a lot of issues in your life, and worrying is not a solution to any of those. The only thing we can do to take care of the problems is to confront it and not run away from it.

When you do the analysis on yourself then you can win over the fears that affect you mentally. And once you have the confidence to tackle your life problems no problem however big will be able to stop you.
In SWOT the first two factors are your internal issues and the second two are external issues. Hence the best we can do is work on our Weaknesses to turn them into your Strengths.

But by this, we understand that the analysis is also for calculating the external forces that affect our life.
So what you should do is, you should write down all of your strengths. weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Do this when you have a clear and free mind. Doing this while you are already under stress os a life problem won't to any good. Go to the place that you find comforting and then start writing the thoughts that go through your mind. Once you are done, then comes the analyzing part. Start reading whatever you have filled under Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats. And as you start, think of ways you can turn you Weakness into Strengths and the threats that you face into opportunities.

Once you observe these points you exhibit confidence. You can make this a habit so that you will not be confused in life further. At least do this once a month. And you'll see a major change in your confidence and the way you look at life.

You can achieve anything that you have ever dreamed in life by analyzing yourself on a regular basis. This also good for your personal development because whenever we do something or bring a positive change in our lives it directly or indirectly helps us in our personal development.

If you wanted to focus on a particular goal in life then also this will help you. Just do this analysis and you'll know where you stand. By facing reality it becomes very easy for a person to plan for the future. Following this will surely help you a get a clear image of yourself as in life self-realization is very important.
And if you are a person who is facing difficulties in life regarding confidence or goal setting, we suggest you reach out to Mr. Manioj Jain. He can help you with any life problem that you might have.

Written Date

07 Nov, 2019