What sacrifices are you willing to make to be successful?


Every one of us wants a great life. We want a happy, carefree and easy life. We want to look our best and make great money so that people respect us. But if we want that, how are we different from others? Everyone wants things written above. So what is that about you that makes you special? The things we want are so common that they don't even matter. when we tell someone that we want to make a lot of money, the person won't even be interested unless you are planned and well thought through.

It's not the question of what we want, but the question of how are we going to get it? We should give rather take out time in thinking what all things are we willing to sacrifice to reach the point in life we always wanted to. As when we ask these questions to ourselves we start to see things clearly in life.

We all want to be rich but how many of us are willing to work hard for it? How many of us are willing to spend 60+ hours in our office or undergo the pain of long commutes. Hence we all want to become rich without doing any hard work or taking any risk. We want success without the sacrifice, and trust me this never really works out.
We all want good relationships, but no one wants to go through the rough patches of a relationship. This is where we fail to make that sacrifice. And everything, including our relationships, requires sacrifice. You need to make sacrifices to be happy. The good moments that we have in life are just the side effect of the negative things that we go through.

As humans, deep down we all more or less want the same things. We all want our life to be full of just good or positive moments, which is not possible. We might see someone going down the road in their luxury car and think what a good life this person has. But what never seems to come to our mind is the question "how hard this person must have had to work to get here?" or "How much he must have sacrificed to reach at this point in life?".

Hence it's not about how badly we want those great moments to come in our life rather it's about how many bad moments are we willing to go through to reach those great moments.

Similarly, we might see someone with a great physique but not realize the hours the person must have had to give inside the gym and suppress the food temptations to get a physique like that.
Hence, what you should take away from this is that wanting something badly doesn't really help you with anything, but making sacrifices and working towards getting it surely will.

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Written Date

08 Nov, 2019