Vastu Tips to Keep Your Wallet Full with Money


A simple Vastu tip can help to bring the positivity, health, and prosperity. Therefore, there is a significance of Vastu Shastra for better wealth.  These Vastu tips which are given by Vastu Astro Guru- Mr. Manoj Jain that will always keep the wealth intact in your wallet –

1. We all know that goddess Lakshmi is responsible for driving away all the money troubles from our family. This is why you should keep a goddess Lakshmi photo in your wallet. Goddess Lakshmi should be in a seated position in the photograph.

2. Take one fresh Peepal leaf and wash it with Ganga Jal. Write ‘Shri’ using kesar. Keep this leaf in your wallet. Change this leaf from time to time as it dries off. It will definitely benefit you in financial terms.

3. Keep 21 grains of rice in your wallet making a small packet with a paper. This will reduce the unwanted expenditure of money. Offer some grains of rice to goddess Lakshmi and then keep it in your purse.

4. If your parents or grandparents offer you some money as a token of love, always keep them in your wallet. Never spend that money. This will always keep your expenses in check and save money.

5. If you have a silver coin, then keep it in your purse. But before keeping it in our purse, offer it to Goddess Lakshmi for some time. After this, keep it in your purse.

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Written Date

16 Jul, 2019