Vastu tips to enhance your love


Do you know Vastu can do a miraculous job when it comes to finding true love? It can kindle romance in your life and ignite deep emotional feelings.

When you think about the person you love, your heart starts beating faster. You day-dream about a pleasant and happy life with your special someone but are often filled with fear of never able to meet someone who is caring and compassionate. You worry if you will ever find your true love and what if you end up being in a relationship with the wrong person?

The foremost step in connecting with your love is the balancing of zones. When you balance your zones, you balance your life. The kind of objects placed in a zone and the kind of activities that occur in that zone directly affect your corresponding emotion.

South-West: It is the zone of relationships. If this zone is disturbed, your relationships get disturbed.

South-South-West: Balance South-South-West zone if unbalanced, as this zone creates a lot of problems in your life.

East-North-East: This zone is called a zone of rejuvenation. Unused or stored materials in this zone can create staleness in your relations.

East- South-East: This is the zone of anxiety. This zone must be balanced for effective decision making.

North-North-West: North-North-West zone is the zone of attraction. It is a good place for people who want to get married or are seeking a relationship. This zone should always be balanced.

Following are some more tips that will help you in your search of true love.

1) There should be no toilet or kitchen in the South-West direction of your home.

2) Remove red colour from South-West zone to make it healthier.

3) Keep a pair of love birds in the South-West zone to find true love.

4) Remove blue colour from South-South-West zone to enhance love in your relationships.

5) Clean the East-North-East zone for freshness in relations.

6)  Never prefer a bedroom in East- South-East zone. Keep grinder mixer in this zone. This will facilitate decisions in your life.

7) Keep a photo of your lover/beloved in the North-North-West zone of your house.

8) Keep your love letters in the North-North-West zone.

9) Keep your house clutter free. Mess in your home acts as a barrier between you and your someone special.

10) South is the ideal zone for bedroom.

True love is not an illusion as perceived by many. You need to be positive about your dreams and wishes. Good things will automatically start following you, and you will be amazed to see how easily you can attract the person of your dreams in your life.

Written Date

12 Jul, 2019