Vastu Tips for Shifting Office


There are also times when you might have to shift to a new premise. In such situations, it’s essential to find a location that supports financial growth and success of a business. Absence of balance in the hierarchy of authority and the movement of work can lead to lack of control and efficiency.

According to Vastu Shastra, Here are some tips as per the directions by Vastu Astro Guru Manoj Jain you should remember while shifting to a new office.

Begin by noting down directions with the help of a compass-

Start from the center of the office, and document all the eight directions. Vastu Shastra for office believes south to be the most auspicious direction. In fact, emphasis must be given on the synergy between the tenth house of the owner’s horoscope and Southern direction. Therefore, a managing director or chief executive should occupy this direction in the absence of the owner. For best results its good to face towards the North and if not possible one must seek the east.

Pro Tip -Remember, the unseen laws of the universe have been working since the Neanderthal days. If you learn how to work with them then they can help you jump higher than your boss expects or even make you the next business tycoon. However, conformity is essential!

Written Date

14 Aug, 2019