Vastu Tips for Pooja Room - Manoj Jain


In Indian culture, a pooja room is a must-have thing. I t is the place where the holy god and goddess are kept. So, it is essential that a pooja room must be according to Vastu. 

Follow the below-mentioned tips by Vastu Astro Guru- Mr Manoj Jain in order to get a Puja room:

1. Never locate the Puja room in the south and the south-east, as these directions are ruled by Yama and Agni, respectively.

2. Never keep the Puja space in the bedroom, as this place is for rest and pleasure. However, if there is no choice, locate it in the north-east corner of the room. Take care that your feet do not point towards this corner while lying on the bed.

3. Avoid locating the toilet above, below or opposite to this room to prevent the negative energies of the toilet from spoiling the auspicious atmosphere of the Puja room.

4. This room should also not be constructed next to the kitchen or located under a staircase. In case you do make the Puja space in the kitchen, keep the deity in such a way that you face east while praying.

5. In very big plots, factories or apartments, the prayer room can be located in the centre or the Brahmasthana, the sector governed by Lord Brahma, the Creator.

6. Make the roof of the Puja room dome or pyramid-shaped. This facilitates a smooth flow of positive energies from the tip to the dome or pyramid into the puja room. This shape also assists in meditation.

7. Use tranquil colours on the walls of the Puja room like white, soft shades of yellow, blue or violet. These colours do not distract while praying.

8. Ideally, the doors and windows of this room should open towards the east or north. These should be made of good quality wood and have double shutters.

9. Although north-east is generally the direction recommended for locating the idols or pictures of various Gods; yet different deities have different auspicious locations as described: Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Kartikeya, Indra and Surya are placed in the east and facing towards west.

10. Ganesh, Durga, Kuber, Shodas Matrika and Bhairav in the north direction and facing south.

11. Hanuman in the north-east facing south-west, but never in the south-east as it creates a fire hazard.

12. Never keep idols brought from ancient temples in the puja room. Also avoid Shrichakra and Shaligram idols, unless you have tremendous spiritual control and are capable of performing puja in a traditional manner.

13. Never display photographs of the dead family members along with the deities.

14. The height of idols should not be more than 18 inches and should always be placed on a high platform or singhasan.

15. Keep the holy books or dharmic granths and other items of samagri and dresses of the deities along the west and south wall.

16. The lamp or Deepak should be placed in the south-east direction, governed by Agni.

17. The Puja room should not be used for other purposes, like storing items that do not belong here. It should also not be used for sleeping purposes or to conceal money and other valuables.

18. Never keep a dustbin in the Puja room, as the positive energy gets diminished due to the negative energies emitted by it.

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Written Date

15 Jul, 2019