Vastu Tips for Office by Manoj Jain


Vastu Shastra and Vastu for office, in particular, are based on the art of correct settings that help to derive maximum benefits. The program takes into account many considerations, such as the most appropriate workplace venue, the specific directions in which office divisions and reception must be situated, office exteriors, positioning of various electronic gadgets. When a worker decides to follow Vastu for office in his daily life, there are a ton of inherent rewards. Change your Vastu-based work routine and exercise authority and power to turn situations into your favor. Here are some of Vastu Astro Guru Manoj Jain's Vastu for office tips that will be of benefit to you.

General Tips on Vastu for Office -


1. It is auspicious to work while facing the east or north direction.

2. Employees of the office are not allowed to sit under a beam.

3. It is best to keep the left side of the table heavier while facing north while making sure the right side is lighter, and vice versa.

4. The table's cash drawer must always be slightly open when the person is in the room.

5. Holding idols and pictures of God on the table— shows disrespect is not auspicious.

6. You don't have to engage in things like reading magazines on a table at work.

7. Vastu Shastra warns against cluttering the office desk for workplace advice.

8. Do not sleep while you keep your head on the desk.


Vastu for Office Interior -

According to the Vastu Shastra, by following certain Vastu concepts, you can increase your business and boost your business prospects. Therefore, Vastu Astro Guru Manoj Jain's Vastu tips for office interior are here.

1. No obstruction should be placed near or in front of the office doors.

2. It is necessary to keep the central part of the office clean.

3. In the northeastern part of the office, reception should be preferably located. The receptionist is supposed to face either east or north.

4. Water sources must be found in the area of the North East or the West.

5. For office interiors, an aquarium with 9 goldfish and 1 blackfish is recommended in the northeast.

6. According to Vastu office, executives, managers, and directors should be based in the office's western, south, and southwest areas. Middle-level management and employees should be reserved for the eastern and northern zones. In the Northwest, field staff should be located.

7. Vastu tips recommend that the north or east-facing staff work.

8. Office Vastu recommends that the Southeastern portion of the account department be located.

9. The marketing department should be in the office design's northwest.

10. Try to avoid under the beams seating any employees. If this is inevitable, a false ceiling will cover the beams.

11. Office Vastu suggests that a rectangular table should be available to the owner or MD.

12. According to Vastu tips, pantry and lunchrooms should be located in the south-east and north-west.

13. That's right. Toilets should be ideally situated in the architecture of the office in the Northeast and Southwest.

14. All important documents and papers should be kept in Southwest direction safes and cupboards.

15. It is important to position all side tables and telephones in the Southwest corner.

16. Conference rooms in the northwest direction are best placed.

17. Seventeen. Employees who need to improve their performance should be located first in the Western region and then relocated to the Southeast.

18. From a financial point of view, it is considered auspicious to put depictions of gods and deities to the right of mirrors.

19. The staircase is ideally positioned in the office development positions in the south, west, and southwest.

20. If the office has a temple, it should be put in the office design's northeast section.

Such Vastu tips are designed to take advantage of natural elements and boost work environment energy levels. There are many more criteria to the Vastu for office building, but this can be used as a yardstick for small changes.


Importance of flowers in Office -

A brilliant career requires the right Vastu guidance. Organizing the workplace in accordance with the Vastu guidelines is essential in order to achieve success. At the same time, it also helps with your colleagues to establish a harmonious and cordial working relationship. Apply these to set off from this day on a good career path.

Keep a fresh flower vase on your desk's east side. Make sure the flower arrangement has a few buds as they signify the emergence of new life. Wilting petals, on the other hand, indicate a slow demise. Continue to change the flowers in your vase and replace the stale flowers with fresh ones. At the same time, hold plants in your office's south-east corner as they encourage financial growth.


Vastu for Office to settle the Cubicle -

A cubicle is half part of this partition wall and made with ready-made materials. This cubicle partition will complete within a day in the office. Easy process and a little bit of privacy available for the staff. If some portions are divided with walls, then there may be full privacy to the staff, but for the management, these cubicle system is best. Now, the staff also likes this cubicle system, especially ladies or female employees.

You are well aware that the northeast should not be disturbed. While making the cubicle partitions in an office one should be cautious in separating the premises. Northeast should not be partitioned or separated from the main premises. If northeast may be separated then the entire office may have some bad impact. Now we are discussing on these cubicle partitions. Before discussing this cubicle Vastu, we may remember some advantages of these cubicle partitions. Vastu position for office and cubicles also have significance, when we plan for entire office cubicles or partitions.

They don’t like Vastu and Astrology systems. One of the directors has called us to visit this property, we recommended only one change on the entire premises. But management is not interested to do this alteration. Still, their position is not changed and meanwhile, they lost the entire business (advertisements) and the staff is searching job in other companies. While in our inquiries after 3 years, say about June 2019, the company lost trust in financial supporters and other directors.


The office is a rectangular one and the dimensions are approximately 250 feet east to west and 150 feet from South to North, overall it comes to 37500 ft office. Here the main entrance to the office is Southwest-west. This entrance is not an auspicious entrance to the office. Entire east is down or depressed, it has to be the main reason for happy business or promotional changes year by year, but this office has reached to the bottom levels in business and all other transactions, one by one expert staff has left the office.

Previously all of this office's strength was 75 inclusive of all. Now the office's strength is only 12 members, the performance has been lowered, and these people have lost confidence in their customers. Most of their clients left to other firms. This office could lead to closure at any time. That actually happens to this office is that even the whole east has a great depression that in any way contributes to excellence.

1. The main entrance to the building is South-West.

2. Cubicles on the north side, which is the wrong place.

3. For the Vastu, the office head is dead and not interested in any corrections at all.

4. Toilets are installed in the direction of the northeast corner.

5. The Boss chamber entrance gate is misplaced.

6. Inside the office there is no way to the north-east, all the paths lead to the south-east and there is only a way to the north-east corner from there. So anyone has to go through the Southeast corner to reach northeast.

7. Some other minor errors that are not too dangerous. But because of the above problems, these are playing some important roles.

Vastu for office directions-

You may also have to move to new premises at times. In such cases, finding a location that supports a business 'financial growth and success is important. Lack of equilibrium in authority hierarchy and labor movement can result in a lack of control and efficiency.

According to Vastu Shastra, here are some tips on Vastu for office as per Vastu Astro Guru Manoj Jain's directions that you should remember as you move to a new office.

Start by recording directions using a compass-Start from the office center and document all eight directions. For office, Vastu Shastra believes that the most auspicious direction is south.

To be the most favorable direction. In fact, the synergy between the owner's tenth house horoscope and Southern direction must be emphasized. Therefore, in the absence of the owner, a managing director or chief executive should take this direction. His good face to face to the north for the best results, and if not possible one has to seek the east.

Pro Tip -Remember, since the Neanderthal days, the unknown laws of the universe have been functioning. They can help you jump higher than your boss expects if you learn how to work with them, or even make you the next business tycoon. Conformity, though, is essential!

These are some amazing tips on Vastu for office by Manoj Jain, which will help you to bring financial growth and many positive changes in your life. Manoj Jain is a personal life coach too. If you are stuck in your life and want some help then you can connect with Mr. Manoj Jain.


Written Date

30 Oct, 2019