Vastu tips for Living room.


The living room is not only the place where the family usually gather together, but it is also the area where the other people come into the house. This area is powerful because it can draw a lot of outside attention to the house. However, the energy carried by the outsiders would also enter your house, so you have to make sure that you are doing all you can to draw only on their positive spirits. Here are some good concepts related to Vastu for living room.

Seating: When sitting in the living room, the owner of the house has to face either the north or the east. The other members of the house or the people who have come to visit should sit opposite to or beside the owner.
The northeast face: The east and the north face of the house are of high quality. They can attract good vibrations from this (north-east) corner. Having the living room in the northeast would make sure that people are more harmonious and there is less discord in the house.
Telephone: House construction in Vastu considers the south to be the direction of fire, so this is the direction where all the electronics have to be kept. If you put your telephones, TVs, etc. in the southwest direction, it will definitely be beneficial for you.
Flooring: In Vastu for living room, it is considered better for the living room to be at a lower level than the rest of the house since it can provide a good sense to the rest of the family, when compared to the guests, especially.
Doors: The doors in the living room are not restricted by numbers; they are restricted by the places where they can be kept. You can keep your door in the northern direction of your house, for this is the direction that has all the magnetic control. This is what will help people to be attracted to your house- a huge benefit for you!
Front facing living rooms: If the living rooms are front facing, the north should be the most important direction, for this is the direction that would get the maximum benefits. However, the west or south facing houses will not work the same way. The latter two houses have to make sure that the living room is not a front room, but aside one or a back one.
Making decisions here: One always has to be careful while sitting in the living room and discussing important things- about business or personal matters. When you are discussing such matters, you have to make sure that you are facing the north or the east. And the guests should face the south or the west. This is the seating arrangement that would certainly lead people into success

Written Date

15 Jul, 2019