Vastu for Shop


Why you need Vastu for shop??

You need to explore Vastu Shastra ideas for your shop if you are remodeling or just opening a new showroom or shop and want to ensure success. To shop or showroom performance, customer footfall is very critical. To please their clients, retailers spend a lot of time and money. Any shop or showroom's success depends on the number of people visiting a store, i.e. the footfall. It is an indication of how a marketing or product gets a person into their shop successfully. Most notably, the buyer's frequent transactions reflect customer satisfaction. Shops and showrooms are a good source to run a business. So, there should be everything perfect according to Vastu.

Tips on Vastu for shop-

Vastu for shop is a matter of deep study and skills. Hence, here are some tips on Vastu for shop by Vastu expert Mr. Manoj Jain to improve the financial conditions of the shop owners.

1. An ideal shop should be square-shaped or rectangular or have a front wider than the rear.

2. However, triangular or irregular shaped shops or those with a narrow front and wide rear should be avoided, as they lead to financial loss and mental tensions.

3. There should be no slope towards the entrance of the shop, as it is deemed inauspicious. It makes profits inconsistent.

4. The entrance should be completely open and not obstructed with objects, like trees, poles or even by product stands. These create vedh, which results in problems in business.

5. There should be no open drain in front of the shop, as it causes loss of wealth. Even stagnant water in front does not bode well for the shop.

6. There should be no threshold (door sill) for the main door of the shop, as it obstructs the entrance of positive energy.

7. The north-east corner should never be cluttered, as it is the sacred space of the shop. It should always be kept empty and clean. A fountain or a water source is ideal for this corner.

8. The showcases and other heavy items of furniture should be placed towards the south-west of the shop, but never towards the north-east, as it leads to losses.

9. The shop counter should be angular and not curving or round. It should be placed in the south-east or the south-west.

10. Hot selling items are best placed in the north-west, the quadrant of air, which aids movement.

11. The cash counter should open towards the north, the quadrant of Kuber, the Lord of Wealth. Ensure that the cash box is never empty.

12. The shop owner should sit inside the shop facing east or north. He should never sit facing south or west, as it creates problems or losses. The cashier is best located in the south-east.

13. Auspicious symbols of Swastik should always be displayed in the shop. The words ‘shubh-labh’ and ‘riddhi-siddhi’ should be written on one of the walls inside the shop.

14. Every morning, after opening the shop, prayers should be offered to God by lighting a lamp and burning incense sticks.

Key points to remember for the better growth as per Vastu for shop -

Here are some key points which are to be followed as per Vastu for shop-

1. Proper location of the shop.

2. The shape, slope, height and water level of the shop should be accurate.

3. The direction of the entrance of gate

4. The position of windows in the shop

5. The placement of the stairs

6. Direction and placement of the mandir in the shop

Benefits of the good Vastu for shop -

1. When you move inside, customers have a pleasant experience.
2. Enjoyable experience of browsing.
3. At the outlet, the buyer will spend more time and money.
4. Positive reinforcement of the product in the mind of the consumer.
5. With repeated purchases, it draws more customers.
6. Improves both success and profitability for the retail business.
7. Effective vast format acts as a silent salesman along with harmonious interior design.
8. It can create a competitive advantage if the architecture of the showroom or shop differentiates from others in the industry.

Why to choose Manoj Jain as a Vastu Expert for your business??

These tips on Vastu for shop are beneficial for the shop owners to build and grow their business accordingly. You can also connect with the best Vastu consultant and expert Mr. Manoj Jain for further inquiries and suggestions for tips on Vastu for shop. The core strength of Vastu scientist Manoj Jain is science and logical explanations. The first and most important step in the study of Vastu factors is to correctly decide the directions. Faulty Vastu audits can even result in a minute mistake in demarcation, which can attract a lot of criticism inside and outside the building and business premises. In addition to his Vastu forecasts, Manoj Jain uses the most advanced tools and instruments. This is the reason why you should prefer Manoj Jain for Vastu for shop and other consultancy about growing your business according to Vastu.

Written Date

15 Jul, 2019