Vastu for Office Workers


Vastu Shastra and particularly Vastu Shastra for office is based on the art of right settings that help derive maximum benefits. The system takes into consideration several factors, such as the most suitable location for a workplace, the various directions in which the office departments and reception must be located, office exteriors, placement of different electronic gadgets. There are a ton of inherent rewards if a worker decides to follow Vastu Shastra for office in his everyday life. Change your work routine according to Vastu and wield authority and power to make situations turn in your favor. Here are some tips by Vastu Astro Guru Manoj Jain for your office which will be beneficial for you.


1. Working while facing the eastern or northern direction is auspicious.

2. The office employees must not sit under a beam.

3. When facing north its advisable to keep the left-hand side of the table heavier while making sure the right side stays lighter, and vice versa.

4. The cash drawer of the table must always be slightly open when the person is present in the room.

5. It is not auspicious to keep idols and pictures of God on the table- shows disrespect.

6. One must not indulge in time pass activities, such as reading magazines on a work table.

7. Vastu Shastra for office advice against cluttering the office desk.

8. Do not sleep while keeping the head on the desk as this tends to bring down energy levels.

Written Date

14 Aug, 2019