Vastu Shastra Behind Personality Development


Vastu Shastra is an ancient practice that studies the movement of distant heavenly bodies. And with that guide us how should we construct our houses and offices, so that they are always free of negative energy. Hence, it has a strong impact on every part of human life. But Vastu is not something that only helps us with the development of infrastructure, It also has a major influence on the personality of a human being.
Vastu for a house not only keeps the people living in the house happy and healthy but also has control over their personality. If used well it can be a good thing but if not then it can deteriorate our personality. What might come to your mind is how can following directions affect our personality? The answer to that is some directions in Vastu leave a positive impact on us and hence this leads to a change in our personalities. Like for example, the influence of direction like North-East is admitted for having water, as it has natural moving characteristics it has special features that a person accommodates in himself/herself.

And similarly, other directions also have different characteristics the help the people in the house develop their personality. These characteristics are taken away by the people who live in the house.
NE is the direction of water and the flow of it that signifies the flow of the water which in turn means that there will be development and progress. A temple or a house of God brings smoothness in work with comes with peace of mind and a good mood that helps us boost our performance at work. The presence of Bathroom and Living Room in the direction of NE helps you get success in life. And one can say that the NE direction brings success and progress.
When our house is made in the SE direction it is perfect for placing 5 elements. Which means in the kitchen it can help in accelerating the speed of success and progress. Because fire translates to energy which in turn gives a push start to movement. And this motion or movement helps you in achieving the goals that you have set for yourself. So, in short, you can say the SE direction gives Success and Completeness.

SW direction in the area of the element earth. This tells us about the Moment of inertia which stated that, the heavier the object the larger the force required to move it. hence the house build in the SW direction signifies stability. And stability gives rise to confidence which makes you a better decision-maker. And this leads us to have leadership and dominating qualities. In short, SW helps us with Leadership, Confidence and Decision Making.
NW invokes disharmony and fights which ruins coordination and relationships. That's, not it, it also causes jealousy among the loved ones which is not good in a household. A house that develops the feeling of jealousy and anger is of no good to anyone.

So to summarise the whole discussion NE gives Success, SE helps us accelerate our progress, SW develops confidence and leadership skills and NW improves harmony and understanding.
These are the changes that Vastu can bring into your personality. And if you are a person who would like to know more by getting into contact with a Vastu Expert we suggest you reach out to Mr. Manoj JainApart from Vastu, he has a lot more knowledge. He'll be able to help you with the most difficult situations that you might find yourself into.

Written Date

07 Nov, 2019