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Vastu Shastra in India is considered to be a sacred science that helps people lead a stress-free life. According to this science, each direction has unique characteristics that are established when the structure of the building is made.
People in India religiously follow this as we all want a smooth and comfortable life. and for this people search for Vastu Shastra Consultant in Delhi. But not everyone has time to look for a Vastu Expert in Delhi. That is why we are here to help you with some of the Vastu Services in Delhi that you can get. Vastu being a pseudoscience can be applied everywhere, and that's what people do. They use it everywhere. out of all the places people consider Vastu when they are planning the structure of their residence. And it makes total sense. People spend most of their time at their homes. And keeping your home stress free is what everyone wants. And when it comes to residential Vastu, there are a lot of things that we have to consider:

Vastu for Bedroom-

The most important part of the house is the bedroom as there one goes to get away from all the worries of life and to get a good night's sleep.

Vastu for Kitchen-

Many people believe that the kitchen is the place in the house from where the energy flows to the whole house and hence there is a need to construct our kitchens according to Vastu.

Vastu for Living Room-

It is one of the most important rooms in the house as we all sit there together as a family and spend a lot of time there. And when guests come to our home, they also sit there. And important for the guests to get a good vibe from the house.

Vastu for Dining Room-

Vastu is important for the dining room as its the room where we eat. And being the room where we get most of our energy, the dining room must be made with all the right elements and should always be kept clean.

Vastu for Pooja Room-

As Vastu is itself seen as a religious practice how can people not use it in the pooja room. If you are someone who believes in Vastu Shastra then making pooja room according to it should be your primary concern.

And Vastu is not just for your residence, there are also Vastu Services in Delhi that you can find for the commercial sector. The commercial sector plays a major role in building our economy and is also the backbone of any country. It is important to use the Vastu services in Delhi for the commercial sector as well. And when it comes to applying Vastu to the commercial sector, the places we should consider are:

Vastu for Office-

we spend around 8-9 hours of our day at the office. And it is the place where we get most of our stress. So it's important that our offices are built in such a way that it follows every Vastu direction.

Vastu for Shops-

Shopkeepers should consult a Vastu expert, for their shops so that their business can bloom at its best.

Vastu for School-

School is a building where the minds of young children are shaped. And as the children are the future of our country its necessary that they study in a stress-free and peaceful environment.

Vastu for Hospitals-

As most hospitals have a small pooja corner incorporated, there is also a need for the hospital to be built according to Vastu. Doctors spend a lot of time in the hospital and as they operate on a lot of patience their minds need to be open and free. This is the main reason for the same.

Vastu is not only about building a residential or commercial building but the most significant part that it plays is in our daily life. There are many different aspects of our life in which we can apply Vastu. They are:

Vastu for Career-

Career is the most important thing as it moves forward in our lives and gets us closer to achieving our goals.

Vastu for Health-

Health is the key to a successful life. If a person is not healthy, a lot of things become difficult for him/her. The person might feel tired all the time. Due to which it becomes difficult for them to even achieve their short term goals.

Vastu for Marriage-

Most of the marriages that happen are not as successful, as people don't apply Vastu in their lives. Vastu can bring a drastic change in your life and can make any situation better.

So if you are a person who is in need of Vastu Services in Delhi you should contact Mr. Manoj Jain. Apart from being a Vastu consultant in India, he is also a life coach consultant.



Written Date

02 Nov, 2019