Vastu Remedies for Home


Vastu is an Indian Science which is used to remove the negative energy and explore the positivity around the surroundings. Home is a place where the family lives. Therefore, Vastu Shastra helps to increase the positivity and good vibrations of the house. Here are the top 15 Vastu tips for home by personal life coach and Vastu Astro Guru, Mr. Manoj Jain.

1. Sleeping with the head in the north is not permissible so that you should keep your head in the South direction.

2. East is the best direction to be considered for eating and cooking to enhance effective digestion and better health.

3. According to Vastu, keep a Basil plant in the North-East direction of the home.

4. In the Vastu Shastra, a pregnant woman must avoid sleeping in the North Eastern room to prevent miscarriage and abortion.

5. You must not sleep on the beds which are made of metals. This will prevent you from brain and mental problems.

6. Make sure that there is no heavy furniture to be right in the center of the home.

7. Lighting a lamp in the northeastern direction daily helps in increasing good health.

8. Usual Vatu remedies believe that people should not perform any activity under the beam. You can avoid sleeping and resting under dropped beams to prevent headaches and depression.

9. Don't keep your bed in front of the mirror. This helps avoid bad dreams.

10. Avoid keeping any water-related decorative element outside the main door of the house.

11. You should keep a mirror in front of the cash locker in the home. It is a sign of better health.

12. Place your study table in the North direction of the room at home.

13. Place happy pictures of your family in the North-East direction of your home. It will bring happiness to your relationship.

14. Corners of home are the impactful source of home. So, keep bright these areas as it helps to bring positive energy.

15. You must avoid to keep any non-working clock in the home.

This is not an exhaustive list of Vastu tips as Vastu for health is an extensive field. However, these Vastu tips for home are a good place to start understanding the tenets of this ancient science. According to international life coach and Vastu expert Mr. Manoj Jain, these small but keep in mind Vastu tips can help you to keep away the negative energies from the house and enhance the peace to home.

Apart from that, if you are looking for more Vastu tips for home then you can connect with Vastu expert Mr. Manoj Jain.

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Written Date

23 Aug, 2019