Vastu for Stairs - Manoj Jain


If the stairs of our home are Non-Compliant with Vastu then we may have to face some problems. Here is the list of Problems, Issues, and Risks:

Financial Troubles: Loss of wealth, debt and bankruptcy

Health-Related Issues: Frequent accidents – lethal and minor, ill-health of children in a family, breathing problems; blood-related medical issues and rare lethal diseases.

Family Issues: Conflict within family members, mental tension and stress.

Being a sensible and responsible person, I believe that you will never – in any case whatsoever – want yourself or your family to face such harsh situations. Don’t you?

Being a Vastu expert, Manoj Jain believes that the above mentioned – few – reasons are sufficient for you to consider doing Vastu for stairs in your home.  So, always make your stairs Vastu complaint.

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Written Date

12 Jul, 2019