Vastu for Office


 According to Vastu Shastra, here are some tips on Vastu for Office when applied to offices help them secure financial growth and profits:

Offices made according to Vastu are believed to be helpful in creating a good financial flow. Vastu principles have been drawn out keeping in mind various energy fields coming from different directions. These different energy fields affect various aspects of our life. It is believed that if we make an office against the Vastu norms, the natural forces will align against us.

Office building should face in the North or North-East or North-West directions as these directions are the signature of good luck and prosperity.

In the office, the accounts department should be in the northeast or the southeast zone and the accountant should face towards the east while working. If the accounts department also deals with the public, workers there can sit facing the north.

The cashier’s cabin should be to the north and the cash box should be kept against the southern wall while its shutters should open towards the north. The best direction for the reception is supposed to be in the northeast corner and the receptionist must face north or east while seated.

The receptionist should sit in such a way that they face each and every person coming into the office. The lounge room or waiting hall may be located in the northeast or the northwest. The marketing and sales department may be located in the northwest corner.

Cabins for field staff, peons, drivers, and other orderlies may be made in this zone. The best direction for a conference room is the north or the west direction. The conference table should not be of a circular or an elliptical shape.

This is thought to disturb the magnetic balance of that area and many believe that meetings here would end without reaching any decision. A recording room can be built in the south, the west or the southwest direction. This is a zone which should take the maximum load.

A store for waste material can also be made in this zone. Don’t put any table exactly opposite the main entrance, except for the reception desk. This is supposed to create health problems for the staff. Sitting below a beam or a loft is counter-indicated by the Vastu principles as this is supposed to increases tension and lead to depression.

The doors of a cabin should be towards north or east. A person who occupies that cabin should also sit facing east or north. The size of the table in any room should not be too big or too small. If it is too big, the person would always feel tired and if it is too small, it would reduce his confidence level.

The computer should be kept in the southeast corner of a cabin and a filing cabinet should be in the southwest corner of that zone. Pamphlets, product brochures, product samples, etc, may be kept in the northwest zone of that cabin.

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Written Date

14 Aug, 2019