Top 20 Vastu Shastra Tips for House Construction


Vastu Shastra or the science behind the architecture always gives importance to the foundations, structures or designs. So as there are some principles in Vastu Shastra for house constructions too. Here are some Vastu Shastra tips for house constructions by Vastu Astro Guru-

1. The most important point in house construction according to Vastu Shastra is digging a well in the North-East corner and use this groundwater for construction for quick completion of house construction and prosperity.

2. Open space should be kept all around the building, it gives luck to the house and full of lighting, flowing of air. Open space means more at east, Ishan (Northeast), north than south, west and Southwest corners.

3. Open space at Agneya (Southeast) andVayavya (Northwest) should be equal.

4. One opinion in the minds of the quacks and uneducated people is trees should not be at the house and shadow of the tree should not be impressed at any part of the house, its totally wrong idea and not correct.

5. Plant trees at all parts of the house except Ishan.

6. Plant heavy trees at South, West, southwest corners and Agneya (Southeast), Vayavya (Northwest) sides.

7. Plant creepers and small plants at East, North, Northeast corners, better to avoid trees at Ishan corner, if you strongly wish you can develop grass at Ishan corner.

8. Plenty of airflows should be to the house from Ishan, East, North sides, to avail this facility we should provide doors or windows at these sides.

9. Construction of building at South, West, Southwest sides is the height (higher) than North, East, Northeast sides.

10. No peace and quarrels at the house if there is a well at Agneya, Vayavya, and the well appears at south, west, southwest corners then inmates have to face financial crisis, heavy burdens, health problems, once in a moment deaths are also happening.

11. There is no question of Vaastu Pooja at the house, its a waste of time and money, Vastu is science, and it's not a deity.

12. If new (or old) house purchased, first do paints to the home, clean and join & enjoy

13. If the west portion is height than East portion, that plot is auspicious and construct the house without disturbing this natural power i.e., height at Westside.

14. If the south portion is height than a north portion, that plot is auspicious and construct the house without disturbing this natural power i.e., height at Southside.

15. Actually, there should not be 5 corners in a house, but its auspicious if 5th corner is at Ishan (Northeast) side.

16. Don’t provide Doors at Southwest corner, the same forwarded to windows also.

17. To dig for the foundation first starts from Ishan corner, then go to East and North, thereafter go to agneya, vayavya, south, west, and last at southwest.

18. Filling the foundation digs with concrete (pillars) first at the southwest corner, later South, West, Agneya, Vayavya, last at East, North and finally at Ishan (Northeast) corners.

19. Plan to fix the doors to open inside, not outside, inside the opening of the doors is luck to the inmates and it welcomes the natural power or energy.

20. Flooring heights are should be like this way, north to south, and east to west. Ishan to Southwest corners.

A Vastu home has to be aligned with the cardinal directions thereby reflecting the Vedic concept of the universe. Don’t place disturbing works of art such as those depicting war and misery as they may bring about negative energy.


Written Date

04 Aug, 2019