The Ultimate Power of Meditation


Meditation which is known as “Dhyana” in ancient India developed from two words “Dhi means The Mind” and “Yana means keep going on”. Therefore, Dhyana means to rest the mind and attain a state of mental relaxation and satisfaction. According to the personal life coach Mr. Manoj Jain, meditation includes three things majorly-

  1. Focus and Concentration – This includes to attain a single mind focus on a particular thing or an object. This is known as concentration meditation.
  2. Open Awareness – To be alive mentally and know about the world internally for getting the state of peace is known as open awareness. Sometimes it is also called open awareness meditation.
  3. Observer – To do meditation, a true observation of emotions and things is necessary. It helps in feeling the impulses and behavior of your body. This will lead to the ultimate state of mind.

According to Patanjali’s Yoga, Dhyana is based upon Asana (body posture), Pranayama (breath control), Pratyahara (senses of emotions and feelings), Dhyana (concentration), Dharana (consumption) and Samadhi (absorption). At the last stage of Dhyana which is Jhana, the person willfully immerse in the meditation act. This is the stage where a person will get the ultimate peace.

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Written Date

28 Sep, 2019