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Vastu Shastra is not something that someone just came up with. It is an ancient science that dictates how we should construct our architecture. It can be applied to many things like schools, offices, homes, etc. The word "Vastu" in Sanskrit means "dwelling", which translates to all the buildings that we see. Vastu concerns the physical and spiritual form of the architecture, in accordance with the cosmos. Vastu tells us what influence do the planetary bodies have on the buildings and the people living inside. It tells gives us directions for the correct development of our infrastructure.

How Can You Benefit From Vastu?

People in India believe that one should live by the guidelines of Vastu if he/she wants peace, health, happiness and wealth. It helps in ways like telling us that we can get rid of depression and diseases, by blocking the negative energy from our homes and offices.

What are the Basic Principles of Vastu Shastra?

We read about the basic principles of Vastu Shastra in the ancient Hindu scriptures.
According to Vastu Shastra, the earth is a living organism, out of which the other living organisms have developed. This results in every element of the earth and the space having separate live energy. And when it comes to the creation of the universe only five elements are responsible. They are Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Sky. These are the elements that are responsible for the balances and disbalances in the universe. Hence our residences and offices are under the influence of these 5 elements and the nine planets.

What things are good or bad according to Vastu?

According to Vastu Shastra, if the structure of our house is built in such a way that the positive energies overcome the negative energy then it is a good thing. And this will help you and your family to live a healthy and happy life. When a house is built in accordance with Vastu guidelines it's always filled with positive energy. But if you ignore the directions while constructing the house, negative energy might overcome the house and its not good for the people living there. This energy is also responsible for giving you Negative feelings and thoughts. And they are bad. Vastu helps you to build and maintain a positive atmosphere at home where you can feel relaxed.

Is Vastu a Craft or a Science?

We have found that Vastu is similar to Science, as it deals with the cosmos and the elements of the universe.
While a lot of people still believe in Vastu, the most simple way to put this is that it is an ancient science that is useful even in today's world.

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Written Date

03 Nov, 2019