Scientific Approach behind Hindu Temples


A stare into the ancient past of India and its temples reveal the deep-seated science and purpose behind temple building. Far from being a place of prayer or worship, temples were created as great spaces where an individual could take in the enshrined energies. Most temples were shaped to attend to a particular aspect of life and were thus consecrated to activate one or two particular chakras, the main energy centers within the human system. Here are some scientific approach behind the Hindu temples by Vastu Astro Guru- Mr. Manoj Jain.

1. Construction or deciding the place of the temple- In ancient times, only those places were selected for the purpose of constructing a temple, where maximum positive energy was available. For this, it was chosen only where the magnetic and electric waves flow from the northern side. Temples were constructed at such places where they could get maximum positive energy.

2. Place of deity- In the temple, the idol of God is kept at the interval of the womb. According to scientists, this place has the most energy hence, a person’s negative energy changes into positive.

3. Making of the chamber- The biggest reason for keeping the temple closed on three sides is that the effect of energy increases to double. At the same time, the odor of camphor and the sunlight gives peace of mind.

4. The magic of bells- According to Agama Sastra, the bell is used to give sound for keeping evil forces away and the ring of the bell is pleasant to God. However, the scientific reason behind bells is that their ring clears our mind and helps us stay sharp and keep our full concentration on devotional purpose. These bells are made in such a way that when they produce a sound it creates a unity in the Left and Right parts of our brains. The moment we ring the bell, it produces a sharp and enduring sound which lasts for a minimum of 7 seconds in echo mode. The duration of the echo is good enough to activate all the seven healing centers in our body. This results in emptying our brain from all negative thoughts.

5. The holy water or Charna-Amrit- The curd, honey, milk, sugar and coconut water by which we clean the copper idol is believed to make the Charna-amrita blessing. Moreover, the holy water that comprises of Tulsi (Basil) leaves and camphor (Kapoor) helps to fight diseases like cold and cough.

6.Parikrama- The idol inside the chamber absorbs all the energy from the bell sound, camphor heat and vibrates the positive energy within the chamber for a certain duration of time. When you do the circumambulation at this point of time, you tend to absorb all these positive vibrations once your five senses are activated.

7. No footwear- Temples are the place that contains pure vibrations of magnetic and electric fields with positive energy. In olden days, temples were built in such a way that the floor at the center of the temple were good conductors of these positive vibrations allowing them to pass through our feet to the body. Hence it is necessary to walk barefooted while you enter the core center of the temple.

8. Conch blowing- In Hinduism, the sound from the conch is associated with the sacred syllable ‘Om’ which is believed to be the first sound of creation. The Shankha or conch marks the beginning of any good work. The sound of the conch is believed to be the purest form of sound which ushers in freshness and new hope. This gets more powerful with the positive energy radiated in the temples and hence has amazing impacts on the devotees.

Written Date

12 Jul, 2019