Office Cubicle Setting as per Vastu


A cubicle is half part of this partition wall and made with ready-made materials. This cubicle partition will complete within a day in the office. Easy process and a little bit of privacy available for the staff. If some portions are divided with walls, then there may be full privacy to the staff, but for the management, these cubicle system is best. Now, the staff also likes this cubicle system, especially ladies or female employees.

You are well aware that the northeast should not be disturbed. While making the cubicle partitions in an office one should be cautious in separating the premises. Northeast should not be partitioned or separated from the main premises. If northeast may be separated then the entire office may have some bad impact. Now we are discussing on these cubicle partitions. Before discussing this cubicle Vastu, we may remember some advantages of these cubicle partitions. Vastu position for office and cubicles also have significance, when we plan for entire office cubicles or partitions.

They don’t like Vastu and Astrology systems. One of the directors has called us to visit this property, we recommended only one change on the entire premises. But management is not interested to do this alteration. Still, their position is not changed and meanwhile, they lost entire business (advertisements) and the staff is searching job in other companies. While in our inquiries after 3 years, say about June 2019, the company lost trust in financial supporters and other directors.

The office is a rectangular one and the dimensions are approximately 250 feet east to west and 150 feet from South to North, overall it comes to 37500 ft office. Here the main entrance to the office is Southwest-west. This entrance is not an auspicious entrance to the office. Entire east is down or depressed, it has to be the main reason for happy business or promotional changes year by year, but this office has reached to the bottom levels in business and all other transactions, one by one expert staff has left the office.
Previously the entire strength of this office is 75 inclusive of all. Now the strength of the office is only 12 members, the performance came to lower levels and these people lost their customers trust. Most of their customers left to other companies. At any time this office may lead to close. What happens actually to this office, even the entire east is having great depression which leads to excellence in all way.

1. Office main entrance is Southwest-west

2. Cubicles placed towards North which is the wrongest place.

3. The head of the office is dead against for the Vastu and not at all interested for any corrections.

4. Toilets are constructed towards the Northeast corner.

5. The entrance door to the Boss chamber is wrongly placed.

6. There is no way towards northeast-north inside the office, all the ways leads to Southeast and from there only there is a way to Northeast corner. So anybody requires to reach northeast, must go through Southeast corner.

7. Some other small mistakes which are not too dangerous. But these plays some important roles due to the above issues.

Written Date

14 Aug, 2019