Importance of Directions in Vastu


As per Vastu Shastra, there is an importance of directions. So, here are some awesome tips on the significance of directions by Vastu Astro Guru- Mr. Manoj Jain.

1. The Sun, as our ancestors revealed, is the only source of light and heat for human and other living beings. It directs and sustains life on earth. Therefore, the Sun, the rising Sun is like God, and its direction of rising is considered pious and is taken as a point of reference.

2. If we face the rising sun, the facing direction is called East, behind us shall be West, our left hand denotes North direction and right hand denotes South direction.

Therefore, the effect of the direction affects the building house constructed therein. Also, the movement of the Earth in the Solar system is from West to East and is governed by directions.

3. The dwellings or houses in the Earth, like the travelers in a moving Bus, should sit in proper directions. If you sit in an inclined direction (vidik), it will create uneasiness to us. So houses constructed facing the corner directions are not auspicious. All houses should face the cardinal directions such as North, East, West or South.

Written Date

21 Aug, 2019