How to train your mind? - Manoj Jain


Our mind is the most valuable asset that we have. It can either make us or break us. And it depends upon us how we use our mind. Either we can use it well and excel in life or we can not use it well to only limit our potential.
Not many of us take out time to ponder on the thoughts that we have throughout the day. But instead, even at the slightest failure. we belittle ourselves with thoughts like "I am not good enough".

These thoughts only have a negative effect on our thought cycle. That can cause our minds to fall in turmoil. And when this happens we limit our potential and get a mindset that says we are not good enough for other things. This leads us to being afraid of stepping out of our comfort zone as we are already convinced by our mind that we will most probably fail. As humans, we tend to believe in our negative thoughts more than our positive thoughts. And When we think Negative, bad things only happen to us. Negativity can really take a hold on our real life and drive it its own way. This can restrain from going after things that we want to achieve. But rather than enforcing the negative thoughts we should be challenging them.
So if you want to take full control of your mind and your thought cycle, here are some tips personal life coach Mr. Manoj Jain that you should keep in mind.

Keep a track of your thoughts

We should really keep a log of our thoughts that we have in a day on a notebook or something. And at the end, we should examine them to see where the problem is. We have to observe every time we judge ourselves. And every time we belittle ourselves. Make a note every time you feel, "I am not good enough". These are the kind of thoughts that we are here to avoid.

Call out our fake believes

We ofter take the negative thoughts that come to our mind to be true. We really need to challenge ourselves to overcome all of our negative thoughts. We need to feel good about ourselves. And this is a sure-shot way of training your mind to work according to you.

Come out of your Comfort Zone

When you're in your comfort zone you can never achieve anything. People can only learn and do stuff when they take the courage to come out of the Comfort Zone. This trains our mind to be flexible and be able to handle all the different tasks we throw at it.

Think of positive thoughts

We should always think of positive thoughts. Because it's simple logic, if we have positive thoughts then good things will happen to us, or if we think negative thoughts then bad things will happen to us.
And none of us wants bad things happening with them. Hence you should always have a positive mindset.
These are some pointers that will help you to gain full access to your mind. But if you are someone who is looking for professional help we recommend you, Mr. Manoj Jain. He is the best in the business. And he'll surely be able to help with any problem that you have.

Written Date

05 Nov, 2019