How to be free from stress? || Manoj Jain


Stress is something that really gets the best of us.
And stress is something that most of us go through. But the question that arises here is...

Why do we get stressed?

Most people go through stress as they might have a lot to deal with. and might also be overwhelmed. And with this people don't have time for other things. If we think about earlier times, there was no TV, no opportunities and not fitness. But as we have all these things now they catch our attention. And it is difficult for us to give time to all those things. But we anyway try and become puzzled. We try to do all these things with the little time we have. Hence even if we try to concentrate there are a lot of things to distract us. All missing out on all of these activities make you stressful.

Another thing that might stress us is not meeting our goals or taking up responsibility. Social media plays a major role in stressing you as due to them you see how well your friends are doing in life and you are here struggling.
Hence, there comes the question...

How can you overcome stress?

To overcome stress you must think over the following points.

Recognize where the stress is coming from.
we can only target our stress when we know where it is coming from. And once we know about it, we can try our best to be calm and think of ways how we can tackle it. To realize this, one should take a step back and take a long breath. By doing this half the person's stress goes away.
When we are calm we think happy thoughts and become grateful for the little things in life. Here are some key points by Life coach, Mr. Manoj Jain.

Have some defense against stress-

A defense against stress is something that protects us from taking the stress from unnecessary things. It can really make a difference may it be a carefree attitude if something else.
We can always distract ourselves from stressful situations. listening to your favorite music can really help your mood.

Try Meditation-

Meditation calms your mind. And when your mind is calm you are ready to handle any stress that comes your way. This way you become letting vulnerable to stress. Meditation also helps you to forget about the stressful thoughts. And as you become more and more practices in meditation you basically become immune to unnecessary stress.

Prioritize your duties-

When we have a lot on our plate we surely get stressed. So to avoid that we really need to set our priorities straight. This is a way that helps us to manage our time and have a free and stressful mind. You need to write down your tasks and then sort than on the basis of importance.
by this, you'll have a clear idea of which task you have to do and in how much time.

And if you are a person so feel stressed all the time and is in need of professional help, we suggest you, Mr. Manoj Jain. He is one of the best life coaches and not just that, he is also a leading Vastu Expert in India.



Written Date

03 Nov, 2019