How can you be the best version of yourself every day?


Being your best or worst is all about your personality. Personality is something that we acquire down the road. The years of experience that we go through is responsible for the personality that we have today. The experiences that we have or the environment that we see is responsible for shaping our mind the way it is.
And it's on you that the characteristics you develop in this time either helps you in life or becomes a difficulty to achieve anything. This tells a lot about a person's mind and his/her personality.
But many of us don't feel confident with ourselves. And we ofter wonder
'How can I change my personality to be more confident and courageous?"
This is a thought that most of us have in our minds even on a daily basis. And a few things that can really bring changes in our personality are -

1. A true image of yourself
2. Knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses
3. A clear air towards your goals

And as discussed our personality is a mixture of a lot of things like behavior, thought and feelings. And the experience that we have gained till now can always change on the basis of what is about to come. And o make your personality better you just have to make some fine adjustments and you are good to go.

So we are here to tell you 5 factors given by international life coach, Mr. Manoj Jain that can make you a better version of yourself.

Work on your objectives

You can only transform your personality when you have clear objectives or targets for the future. You can only move forward in life when you have something to move forward to.
And to do that you have to ask yourself some questions:

1. What have you done differently to stand out from everyone else?
2. Do you give more time to your Personal life or Professional life?
3. The goals that you have set, do they seem achievable?
4. Are you certain about the direction that you are going in?
5. Have you limited yourself because of the resources and the time that you have?

Asking these questions can help you make an honest image of yourself.

Make your own story

We can be the best version of ourselves when we are confident, and we are confident only when we have a good story to tell.
People who have struggled a lot are not shy to share their stories with others and that is what makes them confident.
And the story that you tell has to be your own. That is the only way you can be the best version of yourself by this.

Make you presence count

People can never be their best when they shy away from things. And this is what we all do. We tend to fade away in a group conversion as we are afraid to talk. But if we want to be our best version, we have to overcome our fears. People automatically become confident when they start to overcome their fears.

Have good connections with people

This is a true mantra if you wanna get ahead in life. People believe in working in silence, which works, but it will get you way further in life if you work with people.
It is important to have contacts in life as when we have a rough patch or go through a difficult time there will be people to have our back.

So if you are a person who wants to build his/her confidence to become the best version of himself/herself but is not able to, we recommend you one of the best Life Coaches and Vastu Expert in India, Mr. Manoj Jain. He has many Celebs and C-Level CEOs as clients.

Written Date

05 Nov, 2019