Few Vastu Tips to Follow Before Building A Kitchen


The kitchen is an important component of the building structures because of the fact that the kitchen is where all people derive their nutrition from, and hence their health as well. When dealing with Vastu and architecture, it becomes important to make sure that the kitchen is also designed in accordance with the principles of the Vastu that are to be followed:

South-east corner: It is best if the kitchen is in the south-east corner of the house or the corner of the house.

North-west: If it is not possible to construct a kitchen on the south-east, one can move to the northwestern portion.
Electric gadgets: there are some gadgets in the kitchen, such as the mixer or the toaster. They have to be connected in the southern wall, for this is the direction of the kitchen that is best for the element of fire.

Colours: Try using colours to make the whole thing more colourful for you. There are four primary colours that are believed to increase a person’s health, eating habits and also calm. There are four colours that are best used for the Vastu of the kitchen. The colours included blue, green, red and yellow.

Door: The door of the kitchen has to face the northeastern direction. They could also face the north or the east directions.

Cooking: When cooking activities are being conducted, it would be best for the lady to be facing east while cooking. This will certainly bring more prosperity and happiness to life.
The dining area: The kitchen or the dining room is a really good place to have daily meals. But when one is eating in the kitchen or the daily meals, people have to make sure that they are not pointing towards the southern direction.

Bedroom-kitchen: It is not a smart idea to put the kitchen right next to the bedroom. If you have to put them next to each other, make sure that the wall between these two places is thick. In fact, these walls should be thicker than the other walls.

Gas: When you put the gas, make sure it is in the southeastern portion of the kitchen. Even the exhaust fan should be located on this corner of the eastern one.

Water: Keep the water in the northeast portion of the kitchen, if it is drinking water. Vastu for kitchen determines that this is the safest direction for water.

Written Date

15 Jul, 2019