Building Bedroom according to Vastu


There are specific rules that you have to follow for maintaining the optimal situation of Vastu in the bedroom. The bedroom is a very intimate spot and this is the spot that needs a lot of attention when one is trying to improve its harmony with nature. There are some specific Vastu tips that have to be followed to get the best results. Here are some of the most important ones:

Door: The door to the bedroom has to open at least up to ninety degrees. This is significant of the fact that you are allowing maximum opportunities into your life. You are also supposed to make sure that the bedroom door is made of a solid and strong material so that your private and intimate life is protected from the outer world and the interferences as well.
First thing you see: It is always good to make sure that the first thing you see upon entering your bedroom is something that is serene and happy. This could be a gift your loved one gave you, a photograph or even flowers!

Remove the clutter: Make sure that the room is clutter-free and make sure that there are enough room and possibility for movement. According to Vastu for bedroom, clutter, especially within the cupboards and under the bed is really bad. Some of this clutter might also include things from the past that you are hanging on to and affecting your lif. It would be best to remove this clutter and make your room open to the forces of nature so that you can be happier.
Sleep pointing to the south: When you sleep, your head should point to the south. The north provides the body with magnetic energy, which will excite the blood. This can really ruin your sleep and that must be avoided at any cost.
Mirrors: Do not keep a mirror on the northern side of the bedroom. This will make sure that you are always thinking about the troubles and it will also make sure that your troubles are being projected back at you. Move the mirror to another wall or you just keep the mirror covered when you are sleeping in the night.
Sharp corners: In the bedroom, Vastu dictates that you avoid sleeping directly in line with any sharp corners. Sharp corners would take away the calm and serenity from your life and make you much more tensed. This will not make the intimacy situation any better. Neither will it improve your chances of becoming successful.

Written Date

12 Jul, 2019