Bring Happiness in Your Life with Vastu by Manoj Jain


Vastu is all about bringing happiness in life through balancing the elements of earth, water, air, space and fire. A happy life can be achieved through following principles of Vastu in the correct way which also promotes peace and prosperity among members of the family. Vastu is the encompassing and inquisitive science of directions and placement that help to achieve happiness, peace, prosperity and progress in life. One should adhere to the following Vastu principles so as to bring happiness in life:

► Make sure the entrance of the house is in the East or North.

► Keep the passage of East and North clean and clutter-free so as to let positive energy flow thoroughly to bring happiness and peace.

► North-eastern sides should be open maximum and keep some water source such as pipe for rainwater or water fountain here.

► The owner must own South-west bedroom for better decision making control on family members.

► Eastern side should have maximum windows while the western side should have least windows.

► A kitchen should only place in a South-east direction.

► Do not extend North or East front of the house if the ideal direction is East while South and West can be extended.

► Cover exposed mirrors in the house.

► Centre of the house should be free from any construction.

► Couples should not take North-east room while if they are the owner then South-west is ideal to take while North-west is also best.

► Marriageable daughters must be given North-west bedroom only.

► Children must study facing towards East or North and ensure that study table is not rested against the dead wall.

Written Date

12 Jul, 2019