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What is Vastu Shastra??

Vastu Shastra deals with the science of architecture. It is an in-depth study of the correct method of constructing a building. Vastu Shastra also deals with the directions and positioning of a building. This study helps to build a place scientifically so that the benefits bestowed by the natural elements are received properly. Direction and correct positioning of various things in a house or an office make a great difference. It is not only about the correct method of constructing a new building, but it also deals with the correct positioning of things in a workplace or a house. If you do all the things according to Vastu Shastra, the positive energy can be activated. This will help you overcome current obstacles in your life. Common sense tells us that a properly designed house is aesthetic, hygienic, comfortable, easy to move around and a joy to stay in. Naturally, in such a home, the occupants will be happy and content, while a poorly designed house will be unesthetic and unpleasant to stay in, causing irritation in the inhabitants ' minds. Vastu also helps to build your personality. According to the best Vastu Shastra consultant in Delhi,  the power of direction such as North-East, which is an allocated position for Water due to its natural moving characteristics, allows people to take this particular characteristic into their personality. In such a way, people residing in the corresponding place usually take away many other directions with different characteristics. It characterizes every direction that it tends to instill in people who come in contact with the place.

Vastu Shastra is not just about being religious or spiritual. The root of this study is very scientific and practical. Vastu is connected with five elements of the earth. So, the construction must be done while keeping in mind the dweller of that place. Because of the connection between man and nature matters a lot? The profit of this study can be only gained when the knowledge source is true and reliable. Vastu experts or Vastu Shastra consultants are people who have proper knowledge about the subject. They can actually help people by solving Vastu problems for them.

Many times, people are not able to realize the true motive behind the problems going on in their lives. The answer to their problems is either given by the Hindu priest or they may never find out. Sometimes, a Hindu priest may tell you that the reason for all the negative things happening in your life maybe because of the Vastu doshas. What is the Vastu Dosh? Vastu dosh is something that affects the overall peace and harmony of a family living in the same house. There are many remedies to get rid of the Vastu Dosh. Due to this Dosh, you can have many recurring obstacles in your professional and personal life. Correcting your Vastu doshas must be taken very seriously. 

There are many techniques that can help you get rid of your Vastu Doshas. A Vastu expert is someone who has in-depth knowledge about Vastu Shastra. He can help you with your Vastu correction after your Vastu analysis. He can also help you if you are building a new property. A Vastu expert can give you a lot of valuable tips for your property. It’s better to consult a Vastu expert once you have planned to get a new office or house constructed. Many of the future problems and obstacles can be prevented because of the techniques told by your Vastu expert.

Small details can entirely change the vibe of your house or your office. Top Vastu consultants can help you with your problems and can explain to you where you are going wrong. Vastu Shastra consultant in Delhi takes advantage of and manipulates natural resources such as sun, wind, air, etc. and the topography of the site, the surrounding roads, trees, water sources, buildings, etc. in order to channel positive energy and avoid imbalances in the city, thus maintaining harmony between man, nature and the built environment.

Hire the best Vastu Shastra consultant in Delhi to get Vastu pooja done. Vastu pooja is one of the techniques done to remove any Vastu doshas of your house or your family. Get the Vastu pooja done by the top Vastu expert in Delhi so that you do not go through the same problems again. Vastu pooja is also a way to bring in purity and restore the peace of the house. So, it is a given that this pooja will get you results if done by the best Vastu Shastra consultant in Delhi.

Services Provided by Vastu Shastra Consultant Manoj Jain in Delhi -

Vastu Shastra is a deep concept with logic and science. Every Vastu consultant can not do it in the right way. Here are some services which are provided by the best Vastu Shastra Consultant in Delhi-

1. Vastu for residence - It is a mixed approach which includes the Vastu from your plot to the construction of the house. The residential Vastu Includes:

  • Vastu for home
  • Vastu for rooms
  • Vastu for pooja room
  • Vastu for kitchen
  • Vastu for bedroom
  • Vastu for children room
  • Vastu for basement, etc.

2. Commercial Vastu - It includes:

  • Vastu for office
  • Vastu for shop
  • Vastu for clinic
  • Business Vastu
  • Vastu for mall
  • Vastu for hospital, etc.

3. Vastu for daily life - Vastu is not just about residence or office, it affects our daily life too. Small changes in our daily life according to the Vastu can make a big difference in our life. Vastu for daily life includes -

  • Vastu for career
  • Vastu for health
  • Vastu for wealth
  • Vastu for students
  • Vastu for marriage
  • Vastu for yoga, etc.

Why Manoj Jain is the Best Vastu Shastra Consultant in Delhi??

Vastu Astro Guru, Manoj Jain is a respected and renowned name in the Vastu and astrology world. He has more than 20 years of experience in this field. His knowledge and experience make him the best Vastu Shastra consultant in Delhi. He gives out his valuable knowledge about Vastu Shastra on T.V channels like ZEE News. He is a very capable and respectable Vastu Shastra consultant in Delhi. If you are looking for the best Vastu Shastra consultant in Delhi who can help you with your Vastu doshas, you must go to a big name like Manoj Jain. The science of Vastu will be briefly explained by him in a very simplified manner. He will also explain to you the root cause of the problems you are having rather than just telling you a solution. Many other Vastu consultants in Delhi just give you some solutions and get done with. But it is always better to get an idea about why you are doing the remedies told. Manoj Jain, the best Vastu Shastra consultant in Delhi will give you a detailed Vastu analysis.

Written Date

17 Aug, 2019