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In this competitive world, everyone wants a happy and prosperous life. With having busy schedules and personal life problems most of the people can’t find the right person who can guide them to solve their life issues. Vedic or Indian astrology is the best solution for them to come over with it. The most difficult but very important thing is to find the best astrologer in California who has a deep knowledge of astrology and other Vastu things to resolve your all problems.

At one point of time in life, we stuck between our problems where we are unable to find out the root cause and solution to that problem. This makes us frustrated and we use to lose our hopes. Some of the feelings we can’t express but some of the problems like careers, relationships, financial or health-related problems we can easily share with someone who console us. In such type of situations, we must keep calm and have to think something out of the box. This is the time when we need the best astrologer who shows us the way to handle such things.

At that time, inner beauty and temperament is more extremely regarded once we tend to get to grasp somebody, physical beauty, even so, brings instant joy and attraction to folks. Our trained Vedic astrologers can rigorously examine your Moon sign (mental and emotional outlook) also as your Moon (relationship with the Divine Feminine) and therefore the placement of the word Venus (who governs beauty and grace) in your Birth Chart.

To know more about astrology and effects of zodiac signs, stars, and moon, astrologer in California gives the concept of Latitude, Longitude, and planetary longitude in astrology.

Latitude is the angular distance on its meridian of any place of the earth’s surface from the equator. It is measured in degrees and minutes from the equator towards either the North Pole or the pole. The equator represents zero degree latitude. Latitudes are angular distance lines drawn parallel to the equator.
Longitude is the angular distance of any place on the earth’s surface, east or west of a standard meridian (e.g. that of Greenwich), measured in degrees up to 180º east or west, or in units of time (1 hour = 15º). With the help of the longitude of a particular place with reference to Greenwich (0º), we calculate the local mean time for that place.
As the earth rotates from west to east (anti-clockwise), those places east of Greenwich will be ahead of Greenwich Time and those to the west will be behind Greenwich Time. For each degree of longitude, there is a difference of four minutes in time.
Planetary longitude is the angular distance measured eastward on the ecliptic from the starting point of the fixed zodiac and it gives the apparent position of the planet in a particular sign at a given time.
There are 30 degrees in a sign. The signs are twelve in number. These signs are ruled by the planets and it will be explained further at the appropriate place.

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Written Date

16 Oct, 2019