Astro Tips for Curing Speech Disorders by Manoj Jain


Speech is the procedure for generating different sounds so that a listener could understand. A speech disorder can be defined as a condition in which a person loses his ability to producing sounds which create words. Here are some Astro tips by Vastu Astro Guru which can be beneficial for you to cure the speech disorder:

1. According to the personal life coach Mr. Manoj Jain, You should drink the water kept in "Sankh" (Conch) twice in a day ie morning or evening for 41 days.

2. You can also try this Astro tip- Burn 11 kodis until they turn into ash on first Wednesday of "Shukla Paksha". Then immerse this ash in flowing water. Do this remedy for five Wednesdays. 

You can try these Astro tips for curing the speech disorders on the day of Deepawali too.

Written Date

03 Aug, 2019