Simple Vastu suggestions for planting various varieties of foliage for gardens


A house with well-planned flowering plants not only enhances the aesthetic beauty of the place but contributes considerably to our environment. Flowering house plants are not only restricted to residences. There is tremendous scope in the use of these flowering plants in beautifying small houses, gardens, offices, public buildings and hotels. Here are some tips for plants in the garden by the Best Vastu Shastra Consultant in Delhi, Mr Manoj Jain.

1. Bilva, Madhuka and Peepal are very favourable on the West of the house limit.

2. Udumbara (Goolar) and Panas are favourable towards the South of the house limits.

3. Kanak Champa, in the North, brings virtues and wealth.

4. Coconut and Banana plants within house limits are very favourable, with respect to mental peace and health.

5. No large plant should be planted exactly in the centre of a site.

6. There must not be any Palash, Kanchana, Sleshmataka, Arjun and Karanj plants within the house limits. If they are already present, then balance them by planting Ashok, Nirgundi and Sudarshan plants in the appropriate directions.

7. Thorny succulent plants must not be grown within the house limits. Cacti are considered very dangerous and harmful for a residential unit.

8. If a garden is present in the centre of the house limit, it must not have any fountain in the centre.

Written Date

15 Jul, 2019