#Vastu Tips For a #Couple to Keep Their #Intimacy Alive & Stronger


  1. If you wish to keep your #romance and #passion alive for each other, longer, then avoid putting up or placing #pictures or #photo frames of your dead #ancestors, #gods, #goddesses, etc. These things have the tendency to strip off any romantic vibration within #room.
  2. A #couple must do away with placing their master #bed in the middle of the room. Most #families have the concept of putting the bed right in the #centre, which is horrendously wrong. A couple’s bed must always be placed in support of at least two #walls.

  3.  The #head of the master bed must be always in the South #direction, which increases physical #intimacy and induces deep #sleep. Sleeping with head towards East or North East direction, makes the couple irritated towards each other, causing an unnecessary rift.
  4. You’ll be surprised, but #Vastu #Shastra explains that a dressing table must never be kept inside the main bedroom, as it tends to continuously impact (negatively) the intimacy of a couple.
  5. A couple must avoid painting the #walls of their #bedroom in subtle and pale #colors, like white and off-white. Colors like bright red, ox-blood, orange, in fact, enhance intimacy.
  6. It is additionally encouraged to never put a #mirror in the room, in a way that the sleeping reflection of the couple is seen in it.
  7. Do away with any unnecessary #furniture, which has been placed to #decorate your #bedroom. Clustering your bedroom blocks the aura of the couple and thus leads to constant fights.
  8. Shastras explain that a bed or cot, made up of any metal must be avoided at all costs. #Metals unlike wood, #trigger ego clashes within a couple, leading to fights; sometimes separation and #divorce too.
  9. Take note that the number of #windows and entryways in the home must be in EVEN numbers i.e. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, also the entryways and windows must open towards inside and not outside (if we wish to invite positive energy and forcing it out). In addition to this, make sure that while opening and shutting the entryways, the door wings do not make raspy voice; it brings in negativity.
  10. To keep away friction away from your #relationship, abstain from setting more than one statue or #photo of a deity. Placing two photos of any gods and that too placing them facing each other leads to #marital discord.

Written Date

16 Jul, 2019