Vastu Tips To Keep Indoor Plants

plantsVastu tips to keep indoor plants:

  • Tulsi: Tulsi or basil is considered a very auspicious plant in Hindu households. The plant is considered holy and is worshiped regularly. Few people keep tulsi inside their house. As per vastu tips, keep this indoor plant at North, Northeast or Eastern side of the house. You can also keep the tulsi just near the entrance on the specific direction.
  • Living room: Decorate your living room with cascading and crawling indoor plants. According to vastu, such plants reduce the imbalance of protruding or sharp columns, corners or pillars.
  • Avoid thorny plants: Do not keep thorny plants indoors. It might prove unlucky. Do not grow banyan or peepal tree indoors. According to vastu tips, you must also avoid growing big plants in the northeast directions of the house.
  • Plant rock garden in the southwest direction of the house. Even fruit plants must be planted in the east direction.
  • Avoid growing bonsai plant in the house.
  • Even plants bearing red flowers should be avoided indoors.
  • Instead, grow money plant as it is a lucky indoor plant as per vastu. Lemon, lotus, money plant, basil, and jasmine are few lucky plants as per vastu.
  • Do not grow big plants at the main entrance door. Even grown plants should be avoided at the entrance door.
  • Avoid keeping indoor plants inside the bedroom. However, only money plant can be grown inside the bedroom to bring property and good luck.