Vastu tips for Lift


Mostly lifts or elevators are appeared at Apartments and shopping complexes or in some factories . But we see several people arrange lifts in their houses, even though their house is of ground floor or having only first floor, Now a days some apartment builders are providing lifts to particular flats, one lift for one flat, its too costly venture, but now a days people like this system for security and more privacy.

Right Direction for lift:–

You can place lift at your house, but you must take proper care for placing lift at your house  . Most of house are placing lift at wrong directions and suffering with severe problems. They spent lac of rupees for construction and decoration,but they are failed to contact one experienced vastu consultant, why because its their fate.

To done fix lift you must thoroughly know about vastu  techniques or its better to consult expert in vastu. Now a days many residents are fixing lifts at their residence. So now lift is called as residential elevators, Apartment lifts, hotel lifts etc. There are other lifts are there used in Factories, these lifts may be open and up and down the luggage to the machines. In residential lifts the gauge is not too heavy, but in commercial lifts the gauge the different and structure is also little bit difference. They are bigger and providing for 4 to 12 persons also. But in residential lifts they provide only 2 to 4 persons. So before buying the lifts we have to check how big it is and how facilitation we require etc.

Where you have to fix the lift, some persons fix the lift at Southwest sides, west and south sides, its not correct,  placing lift at any corner or any place in the house, we must provide we have to dig one sump there. Otherwise lift cannot fixed in that place. Digs  should not come at southwest, south or west directions.

But you can place the lifts are west, south directions also by doing some alterations to that flooring,  the pit flooring level should be heighten than the flooring level at Brahmasthan. Better to take one decision or suggestion with the expert in this field.. contact one vastu guru and your life will always so shine.