Best direction while studying…..

According to Vastu consultant Mr. Manoj Jain, one must not face the south and west while studying. East is the most preferred direction.

This Vastu for studies, was used to design our interiors of our houses, which would be most beneficial health wise to us. Why washrooms were built outside and bathing-room inside the house? Why kitchen were needed to face the east? etc.

Now if we bring the direction of Vastu with studies, in relation to the modern day interior, infrastructure and technology. It is pointless. Because Vastu Shashtra was developed around the time when we didn’t have what modern science has given. The main reason for facing east while studying was to have the maximum sunlight.

An ideal study room, should be like this. You should have a well lit environment when studying, as it promotes focus and concentration. Other than that, there are no superstitions saying that, this particular place is suitable for studying etc..

During your study time, its very important to have 100% concentration..even if you are studying for around an hour, it should be very effective and satisfying.